CMA Foundation


For more than a decade, the Country Music community has helped the CMA Foundation invest more than $21 million into over 87 music education programs across all 50 states. By creating a shared public awareness for equity in music education, and providing funding and resources, those who work alongside the CMA Foundation share our message that every child has a right to a quality music education.

“It Starts With M.E.” is the next step in our mission. Join our movement today!


Music education gives students a reason to be in the classroom.  Student engagement creates better attendance, which translates to higher graduation rates.  Research continues to show us significant data proving the positive impact music has on a student’s ability to retain, learn, and articulate information.  We especially see this true in reading – without an improvement in literacy alone, our country will not be able to properly support this generation. We also understand that students who participate in music education, will have a greater chance at seeing postsecondary success. Now those are just a few of the cognitive reasons why music is so important.

Music Matters